Thursday, June 14, 2007

Babies Babies Everywhere!!!

There are babies everywhere. . .I am having a ball visiting the new little bundles of joy. . .Isabelle and Logan. . .so small and so cute! My cousin Sara just announced yesterday she is having a GIRL! Most cousins are boys on that side of the family, so we are very excited for the opportunity to buy pink once again! Another friend, Angie, will be having a boy in October! My high school friend Kristin, who lives too far away, is due in November but has chosen to drive us all crazy and not find out what she is having! This is only the tip of the iceburg! Too many to mention! What an exciting time! Now if I could only convince my hubby that we need to join the baby club! He is content with our one and thinks that is plenty. He is an only child and doesn't understand the whole sibling relationship thing! If you have any ideas to convince him. . .please pass them my way! I am seriously having some baby fever!

How do you look through your new magazines??

I received the new Simple Scrapbooks magazine in the mail two days ago and I love looking through it! I just wondered, how do others do it?? I used to be the person who started at the back and went forward. I am not sure why, This is just how I did it! Now I start at the front and do a quick look through. Looking at the pictures and not reading much. Once I look the entire thing over. . .I then turn back to the beginning and really take my time. . .reading the articles, journaling, and even products used captions. I am still not entirely through my second look through! It is a great magazine! Now I am on the look out for my Creating Keepsakes and Paper crafts magazine. They usually aren't far behind!

If you haven't looked through a Scrapbooking Magazine. . .grab one today! They offer tons of inspiration and great ideas!

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