Monday, June 4, 2007

Manic Monday. . .

I had a great weekend. . . despite Brady's idea to get up at 5am Sunday morning when I had stayed up scrappin til 1am the night before! Summer weekends are always so nice! I took a drive through town last night and everyone was outdoors and their yards looked so nice!!! We spent Sunday evening at my Parent's house where the boys played with each other and their Papa and Mimi! Nice for them to have some entertainment besides their Moms!! And I was a little tired, so it worked out great for me. . .a great dinner, great company, and a little relaxation with the family!! What a nice Summer evening!! I wish I could have captured it and saved it for those long, cold winter ones!!!!!!!

Collie and I ran to KC Saturday morning and I got a brand new printer and I am in love with it!! We bought it at Best Buy. . .they really did have the best buy on it. . .and it is a HP Photosmart C5180 and it prints awesome pictures!!! As good as quality as I have seen anywhere! I am really excited about it and I plan on printing some enlargements and odd size photos at home!!!!

Brady's nap is almost over and I haven't gotten much accomplished!!

Have a nice day!!

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