Wednesday, June 6, 2007

WINDY Wednesday. . .

And I mean WINDY! Especially where I live. . .very flat. . .the wind is always ten times worse here!! At least it isn't raining!!!!!

Here is my favorite card I have made recently! I love the color combo. . .cranberry, star spangled blue and the stripe paper from Majestic Blue paper pack-Close to My Heart! The Stamp set is from the New Horizons stamp set!
I have been feeling the creative urge lately, but it is just so hard to find the time in the summer!! There is just so much other stuff to do! My favorite time is still at night after the kiddo has gone to bed and hopefully my hubby is otherwise occupied! It is quiet and very few interruptions! The only downfall is if Brady decides to get up extra early the next day and I am tired!! I usually try and plan one night a week to stay up a little late and work. It doesn't always work out, but it works out more than it would if I didn't plan for it!!
This is something I believe. . .we all make time for the things that are important to us. If scrapbooking isn't that important, then you won't make time. Now that isn't bad, it is just the way it is!! People tell me ALL of the time that they just don't have time to scrapbook. Now I know we are all busy people and it may be very difficult to find the time. BUT if scrapbooking is important then you will find it!
I do know it is easier for me to find the time now that I have a designated space for scrapbooking. OK. . .a designated shed!! Not having to haul ALL of my stuff out everytime I wanted to work on something is the best thing in the entire world! And being able to walk away from a project and leave it out is AWESOME!! I urge everyone to find a designated space for your Scrapbooking stuff!! Whether it is an armoire, a shelf, drawers, or under your bed. . .you need a space for your stuff! Be creative! Also a place to leave your pages or projects in progress is also a good idea! If you need some ideas, please let me know! I have saved lots of craft room ideas on my computer and would be happy to share them with you!! I had to be VERY creative in my old space and I was always looking for ideas!
On a sad note. . .my thoughts and prayers are with the Kelsey Smith family. A report just came across the radio that a body has been found. What a tragedy. And what a scary place we live in that an 18 year old girl can be kidnapped in broad daylight from a Target parking lot. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers. Visit this site for information:
Give your loved ones a hug

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