Monday, February 16, 2009

3rd Post today. . .ORGANIZING Photos

SO. . . I am very excited to have started a brand new online class. . . Library of Memories at Big Picture Scrapbooking. It is taught by Stacy Julian and it teaches you how to organize your photos and your albums. . . .and how to never again worry about not being caught up! She shares a lot of this information in her book. . . Photo Freedom. . . But I still wasn't getting it, so I signed up for her class. . . it is a bit pricey and she only teaches it once a year. . .I have been wanting to take the class for the past few years and I am so excited to finally commit the time and money to this class!!!!

So. . . I thought I could share what some of the things we are working on through this class. . .obviously I can't share everything. . . but I will share some of the things I am doing to help myself be better organized. . .AND I know several of you have mentioned organizing your pictures. . . .I know this seems like a HUGE undergoing. . . .but I organized about 3 years worth of photos in under an hour. . . I did it by season and year. . . so I made a winter, spring, summer, and fall pile for each year. I didn't worry about them being in exact correct order. . .just in order by season. For some really dumb reason, I had taken my pictures out of order a while ago. . .don't ask me why, because I really don't remember my reasoning!!! But now they are back in order, somewhat anyway.

The picture shows how I made my columns and that I had a lot of "good" help with the process!!!!!! The class recommends using cheap photo storage albums to store your prints in. . .prior to scrapbooking them. I think this is great, but I don't believe I have room for more albums on my shelf. . .though this is a great way to make your current prints accessible and so you can look through them easily or share them with others!!! I already own one Power Sorter box from Creative Memories. . . so I decided to use something I already own. . .I have also purchased another one. . .hopefully this will keep me organized. . .I just have them by season and year. Nothing more complicated than that. . . it isn't as easy to browse through them this way. . .but at least I know where their home is!! And something I can drop in easily when I have pictures printed!!!!

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