Saturday, April 18, 2009

NEW. . .Kit of the Month Rewards Program

I am starting a new Kit of the Month Customer Loyalty Rewards Program! I want to say thank you to all who have attended my workshops with some free stuff!!! I love my workshops and I love that you support them!!

How this will work is each month you will earn points. Whoever is in the points lead for the month will receive some FREE goodies that month!!! How you earn points:

Purchase the Kit of the Month=1 point

Attend the Kit of the Month Workshop= 1 point

Bring a New Friend (who purchases the KOM)=1 point

Place an additional order above the basic Kit= 1 point for every $25

How you redeem your points:

I will bring a basket full of goodies for you to choose from each month. There will be stamp sets, paper packs, stickers, ribbon, and other fun embellishments and items!!! You will receive $20-$25 to spend on the goodies!! The Rewards have to be used the night of the workshop. Once you use your points, you lose them. You start over in earning points. If you are the points leader and unable to attend, the next person in line will earn the KOM rewards. The original points leader will keep their points and will earn the rewards in a following month.

ALSO. . .if you have attended past KOM Workshops. . .bring your pages back to show off. . .complete with journaling and pictures!! You will receive an extra special goodie for each KOM you have completed!!!

To my Club Members: if you purchase your KOM as part of your minimum Club Order, then I can not count that purchase towards this reward system. However, if you attend the workshop or do any of the other things, you will receive points. If you did not purchase the KOM as part of your Club requirement, you will be eligible to earn all points as part of the KOM Rewards!!

I am still trying to figure out the best and most fair way to do this, so I am completely open to suggestions!!!!! A little tweaking may still have to be done, but I hope this is a Rewards System you love!!! No commitments. . .just earn points and receive rewards!!

Susan was our rewards earner this month!! Congrats!! She picked some fun stuff from the Rewards Basket!!!!!! I have several who are very close in their rewards points for next month!!! Our next KOM Workshop will be May 15 from 4pm-9pm at the Camden United Methodist Church. The order by date is May 2. There are 2 kits available to purchase. . .Tickled Pink and Tinkerin. I will share some fun art work in another post!!!!!!!!!!

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