Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Flower Pot Card Tutorial. . .

Here is how to create that adorable Flower Pot Card! I did not create the pattern (I can't remember who did!) but here is how I created my version. I used all CTMH supplies. Of course, you may substitute with items you have on hand!!!

You will need a 3 1/2 x 9 inch piece of Chocolate Cardstock. Score the Cardstock as shown below...at the 2 inch mark and the 5 1/2 inch mark. (Your paper should be turned in the landscape or Horizontal position.

Here is a side view of the card folded. Fold the front panel towards you and the back larger side away from you.

To scallop the front of the card, remove the guide from your corner rounder. Flip it upside down and punch all the way across.

Here is what the front flap looks like after you have scalloped it.

To make the card look like a pot. . . flip the flap up and put the top score line on the cutting line of your paper trimmer. Now place the bottom corner on the 1/2" mark on the right side of the cutting line. Then cut! If you have a different type of trimmer, just adjust and make this work for you!

Just flip the card over and cut the 2nd side to match the first.

Use Intrinsic Backgrounds Stamp Set and Chocolate Ink to stamp the bottom of the Flower Pot. LIne the stamp up with the bottom of the card. The flap will cover the top part. Then use the Flower Stamp from Aspiration. Stamp the outline of the flower in Chocolate and the inside in Blush and Sorbet. I used the 2nd Generation Stamping Technique, so the flowers would be a bit softer. (later I added some glitter and glue to the center of the flowers to bling them up!) Cut flowers out with micro-tip scissors.

Here it is with the Card pulled out. Pull Out Card: Cut Chocolate cardstock 2-1/2″ x 4-1/2″. Cut Colonial White cardstock 2-1/4″ x 4-1/4″. Stamp sentiment or design of choice on inside.
Use dimensional glue dots to attach flowers to the top of pull out card. Alternate colors and over lap.

And here is the card put together!


Stephanie said...

Too cute!! I'll have to try it!

Darcie said...

that looks fantastic!

Patti said...

Dang that flower card is cute!! I'll be lifting it for a set I'm giving to my mother!!
Followed you from the CTMH board where we're all posting our blogs - great idea isn't it??
Great site, I'll be following along!!

Meredith Burgess said...

Thank you so much!! I love this little card!! I found the directions from someone else's blog, but I changed up the design a bit!!

Patti- I love looking at other Consultant's blogs!! It is a great idea to share!!!!!!

Jaime Benavides said...

Love your artwork...I still have to try one of these. TFS;)

Scrapbook Mama said...

I just made one of these cards this past Friday (at a SU gathering - shh, don't tell anyone!) I love what you did with yours!

Great job!

Magenta Ivanova said...

That's so cute. I'm jealous of your wonderful card-making skills!