Thursday, May 21, 2009

handwriting. . .

So I was looking through a Recipe/Memorial book that my family completed after the death of my much beloved Grandmother Tracy in 2000. We were all devastated by the loss of her and we were terrified that her memories would forever be lost to us. In 2000 my sister, some cousins, and myself had just recently discovered this thing we call scrapbooking. . .so we hadn't done much more than purchase some things here and there.

ANYWAY. . . we compiled this book of some of my Grandma's favorite and most famous recipes. . . plus a few pictures of family food and get togethers! I wish we had done a little better job, but I LOVE that we did do it!

I have a HUGE strawberry patch and I was searching for a strawberry preserves recipe. . .so I pulled out this book, because this was one of my Grandma's most famous recipe (she had a bunch)! Now, I have looked through this book a million times, but today it particularly struck a chord with me. Right there in front of me, in my Grandmother's own handwriting was her famous Strawberry Preserves Recipe. I can't imagine much more precious than this. . . such a true treasure. . .seeing her words in her own handwriting.

Now my point is. . . I know not all of us love our handwriting OR we just don't know exactly what to say in our journaling. BUT, let me tell you how important your handwriting is! These recipes just wouldn't be the same if they were typed on a computer. . .as much as I love my computer and gadgets. . . you just can't beat how personal handwriting is!

Seeing her handwriting makes me feel a little closer to her. . .like I still have a part of her with me. Kind of sappy i know. . .but these recipes made me feel a bit sappy.

I am not saying that ALL of your journaling needs to be handwritten. . .I know how nice computer generated journaling can look. . . BUT make sure you have bits of your handwriting somewhere in your Memory books. . . .Even if you just write a name or a date here or there. . . what a treasure for your family. . . they might too feel like they still have a piece of you with them . . .

Here is part of the first picking from my Strawberry Patch. . . I have since picked MANY more than this!!!

Here is the recipe for Irene Tracy's Strawberry Preserves. . . .

1 1/2 quarts fresh strawberries
2 1/2 Cups sugar
1/3 Cup lemon juice

Combine all ingredients. Heat slowly to boiling point- then cook rapidly 8-10 minutes-stirring frequently-mixture will be thin-will thicken as they set at room temperature at least 24 hours. Then several days in the fridge-stir once in awhile all during the thickening process-put in containers and freeze.

Probably why this recipe brings back such fond memories is that it was usually accompanied by her famous hot rolls. . . OR on bread day she would fry the left over dough in butter and we would slather it with the preserves. . . . such a good memory. . .I can almost taste it now!!!!!


Stephanie said...

You are right, but I hate my handwriting!

You'll have to give me some strawberry growing tips, mine have all froze out. I was left with one plant this year.

Darcie said...

I love this post! I'm going to try to make your grandmother's preserves one of these days.

Meredith Burgess said...

Stephanie-I don't have any special tips on growing strawberries!! I didn't think ours would produce so many this year. We didn't till them. . .just mowed them off at the end of the summer. But they did produce!!! I wonder why yours froze out?

Darc-Glad you like the post!!!! I plan on trying the recipe out soon too!!!!! Let me know if you try it!!!