Monday, June 1, 2009

Deal-A-Day. . .

Here it is. . .the JUNE PROMOTION!!!! I have been anxiously awaiting this promotion. . . wondering what kind of deals CTMH would be offering!!!!

Here is how it works. . .

Everyday on MY WEBSITE ONLY. . . there will be a brand new deal posted by 10am! This deal will be available for 23 hours. . .until the next deal is posted!!!

These deals will consist of FREE Items and Goodie Boxes. .. who doesn't love both of these things!!!

Fabulous Shipping Deals will also be included, so you don't break the bank shopping all these great deals every day!!!

Today's Deal is already posted. . . .just go to my website (notice there is no www in the address) Just click on the icon that says today's deal. . .it will take you right to it!!

I, for one, am very excited to check my website every morning to see what the new deal is!!!!!!!

Just a bit of a warning. . . you might want to shop a little later in the day to avoid a bogged down website!!! Every time CTMH offers a website special. . .it seems like traffic is heavier in the morning, so it might take longer to shop!!!!

Happy Shopping!!

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