Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A New Scrapbooking Opportunity. . .

I am excited to announce that there is now another Scrapbooking opportunity for us!!!! Traci Bray, owner of Jeffrey Kyle's Family Buffet and Restaurant, contacted me recently about an event she is starting the restaurant. Once a month on a Saturday, she is going to be hosting a Scrapbooking Event!!!!! How fun is that? Jeffrey Kyle's is a very nice place and it has a very nice banquet room!!! OF course, we will be fed well too!!!!!! You can see the dates she has planned, if you look on the right side of my blog under events. She will be charging $25 for the day and that includes two meals, drinks, and prizes!!!!!

She will have flyers at Jeffrey Kyle's with the information OR you may email me and I will send her your information, if you are interested in attending!!

I will include more information in another post and in my newsletter!!! The first date is July 11!! Hope to see you there!!!!

1 comment:

Stephanie said...

Sounds great! That is one of my favorite place to eat out at! Please forward my info to her.