Friday, June 12, 2009

Tball begins!

T-ball has officially begun and the Tracy Farms Team has played 2 games. The kids really are all hitting the ball pretty well. . . and really doing well for the first time playing!!! You can definitely tell who the pros of the team are. . .Layne and Tucker. They are also Tracy grandkids. . . both are my cousin's kids and they are definitely good!!!! They both can catch and throw really well. . . one game they got every batter out at first in the first inning. It was actually quite embarrassing. . . I felt bad for the other team!!!!! Throwing and catching is definitely something Brady needs to work on!!! OH. . .and running too. . . after he hits the ball. . . he hesitates, then throws his bat down, runs around the t-ball stand, and skips to first base. He has been thrown out at first twice. . . . generally it is pretty easy to make it to first!!!! Then if he does make it, he runs pretty fast to 2nd and 3rd base. . . BUT once he reaches third, he thinks he needs to go to the dug out. . . .he hasn't gotten the concept of running home yet!!!!!!!! And another player on the team hit 2nd base and decided to run home right across the pitchers mound.

Watching these kids play is pretty hilarious and it is quite fun knowing most of the kids on the team and the parent's as well!!!!!

Brady on first base. . .


Anonymous said...

too cute, I bet that is so much fun for them!

Stephanie said...

Cute, cute, cute!