Friday, July 31, 2009

Close to My Heart Convention

SO. . . .I am on pins and needles today. . . anxiously awaiting the release of the New Fall/Winter Close to My Heart Idea Book. I won't have my copy until next week, BUT CTMH is holding their convention as we speak and the new items will be released in a few hours via updates from convention!!!!! The convention is being held in Long Beach, CA. . . SO there is a time difference! Convention won't start until 9am in Cali. . . .that translates to 11am here. SIGH. . . . . .at least I have my phone receiving emails again. . . .so while I am working I will be checking my phone. . . to see what new things are released. And when I come home this afternoon. . . .I will be running to my computer to check out the pictures of ALL the new items. Sad, huh? But oh so exciting!!!!! This time of the year is always so fun. . . . anxiously awaiting all of those BIG announcements!!!! Too bad I can't be there. . .in person. . . witnessing a fantastic Convention. SIGH again. . . .but this is a busy time of year for us on our farm and it is hard for me to get away. Maybe next year. . . . . If you are experienced with Twitter you can find updates on all of the new items there. . . just do a #ctmhldr09 search and you should be able to find it!!!!

Off to work. . . .already checking to make sure my phone is still working. . . .:)


Lori said...

I'm on pins and needles too!!! Wish I were there.

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