Wednesday, July 1, 2009

My Top Ten Reasons for being a Close to My Heart Consultant. . .

OK.. . I am going to share something with you all. . . why I LOVE being a Close to My Heart Consultant!! I really never thought I would be involved in any type of direct sells company. I just didn't think it was for me. . . I am a little shy and I just couldn't imagine myself doing it.

Well, I was invited to a Close to my Heart party by my cousin. I was like, "what the heck is Close to My Heart?" I had never heard of it and I didn't have very high expectations. The minute I opened up that huge catalog I was in love!!!!!! I was still fairly new to scrapbooking and I just couldn't believe all the neat stuff!!! Plus Stamps!! Something else I really liked but hadn't used too much!

So, long story short, I signed up that night. I had just resigned from my teaching position to stay home with my new baby. I was excited to receive a discount on all of the great product I knew I was going to buy!!!

I spent the next year and a half meeting my minimums and earning my discount and I was perfectly happy with the situation!! Then people kept asking me," what is Close to My Heart?? And I wish you would do a party, so I could come!" So, thanks to my sister, I had my first Close to My Heart Gathering!!! It was so much fun! I was very nervous, but it went well.

Anyway, fast forward to today and I am having a wonderful time teaching classes, holding Crops and Clubs, and having Gatherings!! I started as just a hobbyist. . .never intending to grow my business. . .and I am still amazed at how much it has grown over the past few years and how much fun it is!!!!!

SO, in light of the July Promotion. . . Five for FREE. . . when you sign up to be a Close to My Heart Consultant during the month of July you will be able to choose Five FREE Products from a Select Product list absolutely for FREE....I am going to share with you why I LOVE to be a CTMH Consultant!!!!
SO. . .with no further ado. . . here are my TOP 10 REASONS for LOVING CLOSE TO MY HEART. . . . (drum roll)

10. Trend-setting, quality, Awesome Products!!

9. Our Wonderful How-to books and Workshop Programs!

8. How CTMH Supports Each and Every Consultant in so many ways. . . they care and Listen to all Consultants. . . from the hobbyist to the business builder!

7. The Awesome Training Academy--I have earned my Master's Degree and am working on my PhD!

6. The wonderful Consultant Kit. . such a great value for ALL new Consultants!

5. Great discounts on wonderful Product. . . and a generous compensation program for Consultants!

4. Our founder and CEO, Jeanette Lynton. Such a fantastic lady! She works so hard and really cares about her company and the Consultants!

3 All of the beautiful artwork and fantastic ideas Close to My Heart provides!!!

2. All of the wonderful, supportive Fellow Consultants!

1. All of the great friends I have met through CTMH!!!!

The list could go on and on!! Though I originally signed up to receive a discount on the fabulous CTMH product. . .what I have discovered is an awesome company that I LOVE being a part of!! I know many of you think that being a consultant just isn't for you. . . I thought the same thing!! The great thing is you don't have to be a business building consultant!!!!! CTMH loves the hobbyist Consultant just as much as the business builder!! There is room for everyone in CTMH!!!

Well, that is my story and I am sticking to it!!! If you have any questions about being a CTMH Consultant, feel free to contact me at any time!! I would love to chat with you about it!!!!

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