Monday, August 31, 2009

Can I just say. . . I LOVE my Clubs??!!!!

I seriously do LOVE my Clubs!!! My Sunday Scrappers Club met yesterday and 6 of the 8 girls were there!! We ALWAYS have a great time!!! They are a bunch of fun girls and I really look forward to our Club meetings!!!! We made a two-page layout. . . sometimes I also do a Card or special technique too, but we didn't have time at this meeting!!! With a new catalog and lots of dates to go over. . . plus a lot of catching up to do. . .we ran out of time fast!!!!

I try to alternate the projects. . . one month we will do scrapbook pages and the next month we will do cards or some other fun project!!! a

Here is a list of items we used to make the pages. . . all are CTMH. . .
Animal Cookies Creative Basics
Honey Cardstock
Tulip Cardstock
White Daisy Cardstock
Headline Alphabet
Spot On Backgrounds stamp set
Comments Stamp set
Sans Alphabet
Flip Flaps
Tulip Ink
Dutch Blue Ink
Honey Ink

Techniques used:
Stamp Kissing (on the title)
And Flip Flaps

This is the second page of the layout. . . so sorry for the poor picture and the glare!!! I had to leave it in its page protector because of the Flip Flaps. . . they are in the bottom right corner. . . and are adhered to the outside of the page protector, so as you are flipping through the album, you are able to flip through the extra pictures as well!!!!

Flip Flaps opened up

This is the first page. . .

Stamp Kissing up close. . . I used the Headline Alphabet and Spot On Backgrounds for this technique!!! I LOVE the background stamp sets, because you can do SO much with them!!!!

Kathy putting her page together!


Tracy and Lisa hard at work!

Gloria's niece. . .isn't she a cutie?

Gloria. . .

Karley. . . just dying to have her picture taken!!!

Gloria and her niece.

Each gal received a New Catalog and a fun little goodie from me!! Tucked inside the catalog was an order form and a Calendar page. . .we spent half an hour just going over ALL of the dates for events this Fall!!! We had a heck of a time keeping it all straight, but I think we got the job done!!!

Here is the set up for the ladies! These tables will fit 6-8 and I have two more tables that will sit 4. We try to keep this Club around 10 people.

Here is a board with all of the measurements needed to cut the paper for the project. I used to type it all up for them, but it is just easier to refer to the board!!! Just like teaching school. .. I even get to write on the board!!!!!

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