Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My Sister's Birthday was Saturday and this is the card I made for her!!! Even had it done a day early!!! I sold pumpkins and she attended a great auction with my Mom. . . funny, they were buying me things on her birthday!!! Though, she got plenty of things too!!! I had fun selling pumpkins. . . but it always pains me to hear about a great auction I am missing!! I don't get to go to very many, but I do love to go!

These are the BIG pumpkins. . . but not the Giants. These weigh around 400 pounds a piece and some friends of ours sell them for my Mother-in-law. Moose and his wife, Gwen, pick these up by themselves!!!! And they are HEAVY!! They use a special rug type thing, that makes it easier, but still not easy!!! Moose was very proud of this load. . .the first of the season! The Giant Pumpkin this year will be weighed next weekend! We hope it at least weighs 1,000 pounds. . . not as heavy as last years, but hey. . . you can't have a Missouri State Record Every year!!!! I just hope she wins again!!!!

Pictures from Alisha Harrison's The Settlement Circle of Friends Sale last Saturday. We sell pumpkins there and other come and sell their Primitives and Antiques! We were crazy busy. . . everyone loves my Mother-in-laws weird pumpkins, gourds, corn braids, and the dried and stained items! She really does a good job!!! Next weekend, we will be at the Lexington Apple, Art, and Antiques Festival with our stuff!!!

I looked at this Postmaster's Box several times. . .the lady came down in price. . . so I bought it. And I love it!!! In this picture it is actually upside down. . . and my little boy think it is his. . .notice the toys he has already lodged inside a couple of compartments. I will add a picture later of it set up. . or somewhat set up. . .and Brady still has some of his stuff lodged in the cubbies. . .but no toys allowed!

a little picnic cooler that I thought about all day . . I decided if it was still there, then it was mine!

And a friend of mine asked me to take her daughter's Senior Pictures. We had our first shoot this past Thursday and this is my favorite of the bunch. . . I don't think it was the Mom's favorite, but there a bunch of great shots to choose from!! Emily is a very pretty girl and did a fantastic job posing!!! I was a bit nervous for my first. . . .kind of. . .semi-serioius shoot and I think it went great!!! We are going to meet again to take some photos out at her house. . . I hope it goes just as well!!!!

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Stephanie said...

Love the card. I never have any card ideas so don't hardly ever do any. I need to get a book or something. Pumpkins are great, can't wait to get some pics this weekend. Great picture too!