Friday, September 11, 2009

We've been on vacation. . .

And I am STILL trying to catch up!!!! We went to Branson and had a great time!! The little guy was a little under the weather, so we were pretty low-key. . . which was very nice!! Silver Dollar CIty was CRAZY busy, but fun!!!! I LOVE the landing area and we spent all day Tuesday there and by the pool!!! LOVED IT!!

Tomorrow is Girl's Just Wanna Crop Day at Jeffrey Kyle's Restaurant in Richmond!!! It starts at 9am and goes until 5pm, though I think she will let you stay later if you want!!! You can pay at the door, but you might want to shoot me an email if you decide to come, so Traci can be prepared!!!! Hope to see you there!

Hopefully, I will have some new images to share with you soon!!!! I just thought I would check in, so you would know that I am still here!!!!!!

Have a good weekend. . .

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