Saturday, October 31, 2009

A Whole Hand Full. . . .

Brady's Birthday party was this past Sunday. . .I am still recovering. Even though we decided to keep it somewhat simple this year, since harvest is not over. . .nothing is ever really simple. It was a rainy, cold afternoon for a birthday party. So no hayride or bonfire. But the bright side is most of the farmer Dads got to attend. . .and almost every Dad in my family is a farmer. . .funny how that works! Brady's birthday being a few days before Halloween and seeing how we raise pumpkins. . .we pretty much always have a Fall/Halloween theme to the party. . . but he always has something else in mind too. This year it was a Cat tractor party. Last year it was Smokey and the Bandit. . . though he liked the truck driver more than the Bandit. I guess big trucks are cooler than Trans Ams. . . anyway. . . . Brady thought it was really a milestone that he is a whole hand full now. . .ya know . .. five fingers old. . . I said, yeah. . . you really are a handful now!!!

Here are some pictures from the party. . .

treats my Mom made and about forgot to give to the kids. . .

The Cat Tractor Cake. . . not a beauty, but a step up from last year. Still have to work on the icing not running. I see why people purchase cakes! Nothing is easy and it makes a really big mess!

The Pinata my mother-in-law made. It seems like a crime to let the kids bash it in! She has made a bat, ghost, pumpkin, and now a witch! All were works of art!

All the kids painting pumpkins. . .we do this every year. I wonder when they will get tired of it?

Miss Ella painting her pumpkin

Brady blowing out candles

Brady counting the five candles on his cake

the castle my Sister built for Ella's first Birthday Princess Party! It worked great as a Haunted Castle too!

the whole gang of cousins. . .a couple were missing. . .when they are all together it really is a gang!

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