Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Creative Heart's Retreat.

This is just about the whole gang that attended the Creative Heart's Retreat this past weekend! What a BLAST! Thank you to all who attended. . . you truly were so much fun to work with!

I have posted more photos on the retreat blog. . . creativeheartsretreat.blogspot.com

Some things we learned this weekend. . .

Dirty Kissing is fun. . .especially with a twist! (we are talking stamps here!)

Shaving Cream is not just for your legs!

Sleep is way overrated!

It is possible to wear a Masseuse out!

And 4 days of fun really does fly by in a flash!!!

Am I forgetting anything? Post your comments about your favorite thing from the weekend!

1 comment:

ori-jen-alchaos said...

I hope everyone knows that those things were all done SEPERATELY! LOL!

Favorite thing....sitting up late drinking coffee and chatting with friends that I haven't really talked to in months!
Thanks for the fun!