Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Geese and the Hill. . .

This picture was taken just east of our house. . .thousands of geese. . . our dog is about to go crazy.  
You can hear them chattering at night.  Lady, our dog, barks continually at the geese. 
 She never barks at cars, but she will bark at geese.  Strange dog.  

The above picture is the view from our hill where we always thought we would build a house. 
 It overlooks the driveway, which is down the  hill a bit. 
 It is a pretty spot.  
Below, is the flat area where we thought we would build.  

Now, I am trying to talk my hubby into building up the hill a bit.  
There used to be an old house there long, long ago.  
And there is a spectacular view.  

Though the trees block the view a bit.  

Can you see the view between the trees?

The picture above was taken a little further up the hill.  AHHHH. . .what a pretty view!
My husband just isn't that impressed with the view.

It has been fun dreaming and my hubby has actually done some work on the hill.  
Hopefully, someday we will have a new house there!
Still dreaming. . . .reality isn't as fun as the dream!

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE the view. That would be such a relaxing sight to wake up to every day :)