Sunday, April 18, 2010

Ella and Prom.

My Sister is going to enter Miss Ella into the Little Miss Mushroom Contest.
So she needed some current pictures.
She brought her out to my house with a few outfits too.
It was very windy, sunny, and we had a very busy almost two-year-old who didn't want to sit still.
I think we did manage to get some decent pictures.
I love the one above.  

We think she looks like a model in the making here.

This is just hilarious.

She is loving the hat.

This one is my favorite. 
 I cut off a little too much of her head, but I love that her little foot in the air.
This is just precious.

And I was asked to take some Prom pictures yesterday.  It was so much fun having willing subjects!  And such pretty pretty (and handsome) subjects too!  Here are a couple of the group shots.  We sure didn't have dresses like that when I went to Prom!!!  Everyone just looked absolutely gorgeous!


ori-jen-alchaos said...

BEAUTIFUL PICS MEREDITH!!! Love love love the model one of Ella! She is adorable! And your right, I didn't have a dress like that for Prom!

jen :)

Meredith Burgess said...

thank you!! :)