Thursday, August 26, 2010


Ya know.
A friend of mine. . .and fellow scrapbooker. . .has me thinking about why I scrapbook.
We were having a conversation about organizing albums and photos and other stuff.
And she just got me thinking.
I don't know if I have done a good job of conveying why I scrapbook.
I am sure all of us have different reasons.
Mine just happens to be the stories.
As much as I love photos, they take a back seat to the stories.  For me anyway.
What I want to remember when I look at my scrapbook albums is, that Brady thought synchronized swimming meant you "sink chor ya swim. . . (sink or swim). . . or that he always wears his white tshirts inside out and backwards. . .or that he used to always wear his shoes on the wrong feet.
That is the important stuff to me.  The little, everyday things.

So, I may have a page of different pictures of Brady with his tshirt on backwards. . .taken at all different times and locations.  Where we were wouldn't be the important thing.  What would be important is that Brady was 5 and didn't care that his shirt was on wrong 95% of the time.  Actually I think he did it just to bug us.  Kind of like why some of my friends are Jayhawk fans.  Just to bug us.  Still love you guys though!  :0)

I recently purchased a really pretty little journal.  I am using it to write down some of the funny things Brady says.  And the funny things he does.  Things I don't want to forget.  Especially by the time I might get around to scrapbooking it.  I have started something similar before.  I really hope I stick to doing it.  It isn't anything formal.  Just quotes, thoughts, or events that I don't want to forget.

I do absolutely love taking pictures.  So, I am in no way saying pictures aren't important.
And a lot of times, I take pictures just because.  No story.  Brady was just looking cute or I wanted some practice with my camera or lens.  And sometimes I scrapbook these pictures, just because he looked cute.  A lot of times I use these cute pictures of Brady to tell something about him.  Nothing to do about the action in the photo, but just about Brady himself.  A personality page, if you will.

SO. . .enough rambling.

I just wanted to share why I scrapbook.  Must be the history teacher in me.

Now for a picture of the cute little bugger. . .

Inspecting the cantaloupe load.  He believes he is an expert. 


Stephanie said...

This is why I scrapbooked Mollie always putting 2 unmatched shoes on last summer...she doesn't do that anymore. Or, when she would go to the bathroom, she would announce that she needed her "piracy" (privacy)...she doesn't say that anymore. We may end up with 4,698 scrapbook pages by the time they leave the nest but I have a feeling we won't regret preserving any of these funny little stories. Great post and I love the picture above YOU NEED TO SCRAPBOOK IT!!!!!!

Meredith Burgess said...

You are the one that got me thinking!! Thanks for the comment!!