Thursday, September 30, 2010

This may not seem like much to most.
But this summer we poured a patio by our back door.
For the past almost ten years, this small space has been a constant pain.
I've tried shrubs, flowers, weed matt and rocks. . . nothing grew and my dog dug up the rocks.
SO, I finally convinced my husband to help me with a patio.  We were going for pavers, but ended up pouring cement.  Something he didn't want to do, because a sewer line runs under this space.
One hot, humid spring day, my dear husband and our dear cousin Delbert, poured me a patio.
When I say, hey, look at my new patio. . most people say, where is it?
Yes, it is small.  But I love it.
It also doubles as a swimming pool when we get a lot of rain.  Guess my concrete pourers weren't the best.
But, I have always wanted a pool too!
Above is a picture of an old glider that was my husband's grandmas. . .sitting on my patio. . . .  I usually paint it, but I like the shabby chicness of it. . .and a palm I have planted in a tub on my new patio.  I really can't believe the palm tree is still alive.  Since my dog can no longer dig up rocks. . .she likes to dig up palm trees.

Can't believe it is the last day of September.  I will miss Summer, but I sure do love Fall!!!

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