Monday, March 7, 2011


Well, the 2011 Creative Hearts Retreat is in the history books!  
Here are a few pictures from our fabulous weekend!!!  Above, Tracy showing off her Hawaii Scrapbook Pages and Lisa smiling!

Cheryl and Debbie working hard!
Gloria is really concentrating on her task!
Good student, Susie!
Pat and Rita 
Martha and Sam with pretty smiles!
Sara S, Stephanie G, Jan, Stephanie N, Sara R

A new event we added this year. . .The Scrappy Hour. . .and boy was it F-U-N, FUN! (that was for you, Sara S.)

These girls went all out!
Even decorations on the doors. . . 
the snacks were superb!

And the decorations were adorable!!!

Of course I loved the Mizzou Tiger theme. . .you might be surprised to learn that I had a relative in this room.  
Sharon enjoying her Scrappy Hour. . . 
Lisa sporting her pretty hair piece and her Harpo's sticker. . . 
Gloria is looking exceptionally festive!!!  
The treats made by Marsha's daughter, Mary.  And they were every bit as good as they looked.  

Scrappy Hour was just an idea I threw out to Marsha and we tossed it around for awhile.
We wanted something fun for all of the girls to do. . .to get them to socialize a bit. . .to relax. . .and just to have some fun!!  Though, we didn't want to take too much time away from their scrapbooking.
After we discussed several options, we decided to just let the girls go with it.  These are some seriously creative. . .and competitive (so it seems) girls who we knew would come up with something way better than we could!!  And they certainly delivered!
I am so glad we did it!  With almost 40 ladies in one large room, it is kind of hard to get to know everyone.  This allowed us all a chance to visit with each other a little bit and laugh a lot!
After it was all over, we had the girls vote. . .and luckily ALL three rooms won a Best of Catagory!  And they all certainly deserved it!

This retreat was some serious fun.  I really do think this was the best retreat I have ever attended.  And that is saying a lot, because every retreat I have ever been on has been amazing!

We are already making plans for next year!!!  I just wish we could do it again next month, instead of waiting a whole year!

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