Sunday, October 2, 2011

Burgesses Build a House.

I have something very exciting to announce!

We are building a HOUSE!  And we officially have walls!

I am so excited. .  .though I alternate between being excited and wanting to throw up.

We have been talking about this for the past ten years or so.

We are only doing this once.  

And due to the very poor farming season, our dream house has been greatly downsized.

Each day when my husband comes home from a bad day of picking crops, the house gets downsized even more.

BUT. . . 

I finally will be able to STOP complaining about the high river and moving out of our house!  We are going to be high on a hill and if the water gets us there. . .well, then we are ALL in trouble! 
 Here is the crew taking the forms down.
 Loading the concrete forms up.
 This is the garage.  You aren't supposed to see the room beneath it, so forget you saw it.
Just another view of all the concrete.

We have already made some mistakes and it sort of makes us sick to our stomachs.

But we are moving on.

The plumber is coming this week to finish the rough in of the plumbing in the basement.

Hopefully, the flat work guy will come this week too.

We have had absolutely beautiful weather and I SO hope it continues.

I am busy getting the loan (minor detail), pricing roofing, windows, doors, siding, etc.  To me, this isn't the fun stuff.  I am ready to pick out cabinets, paint, furniture. . . ya know. . the fun stuff!

So many decisions.   I hope you bear with me as I blog about this from time to time.

Now, off to enjoy some sunshine!  I have been in front of this computer WAY too much today!