Friday, February 24, 2012

CTMH Cricut Cartridge for FREE!

I know it is not March yet, but I wanted to give you all a heads up on this great deal CTMH just announced.  If you sign up to be a Consultant in March you get a FREE CTMH Art Philosophy Cricut Collection!  That is on top of what you already get when you sign up!!!

Click here to see the Cricut Art Philosophy Collection

Don't own a Cricut or already have the cartridge?

You can instead choose $100 in Select Product Credit.  Now how cool is that?

Here is a short video explaining the Promotion.

If you are interested in signing up, you can click here.  But remember, you must wait until March 1.

It is really pretty cool to be a Consultant.  And you can be any type of Consultant you want.

I signed up to get the discount.  That was it.

Of course, now I enjoy doing more with my business.

I have Consultants who also just enjoy the discount.  They might also sell to a few friends.

I have Consultants who use our fabulous WOTG Kit of the month program.  It is so easy.  Their group orders the same Kits and they meet to put them together.  There is no thinking or planning involved.  Everything you need is included!

I have Consultants who are mainly interested in the online Scrapbooking Program, Studio J.  They love getting a discount on their layouts and sharing the program with their friends.

I have Consultants who simply wanted the Consultant Kit and all of the goodies included.  They may use their discount a few times to get some goodies and that is it.  And that is OK too.

I love how CTMH can offer something for everyone.  If this sounds interesting to you (heck, it sounds interesting to me!  I wish I could re-sign up!)  please feel free to contact me anytime with questions.  You can sign up straight from my website (March 1 - March 31).

What can you expect after you sign up. . . .

You should receive a login and password almost immediately.  Then you can access the CTMH Consultant Website that has TONS of fabulous information.  Business, Art,  Tools. . .etc.

You should receive your new Consultant Kit in about a week!!!  And let me tell you it is a lot like Christmas when you open that box!!!

Remember, when you sign up, you are also eligible to add on some fabulous Collections that are deeply discounted.  They will show you these options during your enrollment.

What are you waiting for???  Oh yeah, March 1!!  

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