Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Fall and Back to School.

 Here are a couple of pages from some of the new CTMH WOTG Kits that I have put together recently.

The first is from the Flirty WOTG Kit.

I absolutely LOVE the colors in this kit!  Very on trend and very fun!  

The next pages are from the Scholastic WOTG Kit. 

This Kit is   PERFECT    for back to school pictures!  

I wish that I would have taken the time to get some better photos of the kits, but I just went with the ones I had handy.  

And with MY blogging record, it is better to just go with it than to wait until its perfect, because it probably isn't going to happen! 

Something I am currently working on here and there is photo organization on my computer/discs/hard drives.

And by organization I actually mean just backed up and moved off of my computer. 

Do any of you struggle with this?  

My computer says it is full. . . and I think the biggest culprit are my large photo files and large number of photos.

It is scary to me to only have photos located in one place.

So, if I don't load them onto my computer, but straight onto a hard drive, what if that hard drive crashes?

 I am attempting to burn all of my photos to discs (that haven't already been burned. . .I quit burning about 2006, so I have a LONG way to go).  

Long story short. . . I need to be better about keeping up on this, so I don't have  large jobs ahead of me like this. . . I feel like I have said this before??? Ha!

Let me know how you store your photos. . . . and if you have any good photo organization tips!

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