Monday, April 20, 2015

Spring Fun.

We enjoyed a good old campfire cook out. 
There's not much better than a campfire in the spring. Or fall. Or anytime as a matter of fact. 
Hot dogs and S'mores.
Such a treat!
The weather was nice.
A little cloudy, but perfect for a campfire!
Brady is becoming such a pro at building fires. 
He did such a nice job.
The hubby built us some log stools for Brady's birthday party and they sure do come in handy.  
Beats sitting on the ground for sure!
Nan and Pa came over and joined in on the fun.
Such a nice evening to share with the family!
I used to say fall was my favorite season and though I still do love fall, I think I have to say spring is now officially my favorite season.
I haven't been the best at this blog thing for quite some time. . .if I ever was really. . .I've had a renewed interest and hope to be sharing more with you all. . .but I feel as if this has happened before!  We shall see!!  Happy Spring!

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