Thursday, September 6, 2007

All those little things. . .

I know when most of us think about scrapping, we think about completing scrapbook pages. Duh, right? Well, really there is a lot that goes into scrapbooking prior to those pages being completed and I believe it makes life easier for me! Like I said, for me. . .I never presume to believe that every system works for everybody! With that being said. . .

The first little thing that helps a lot. . .is an organized space! I am blessed to have a wonderful scrapping space. . .but it wasn't always that way! Prior to January of this year I scrapped on my bed! Yes, that is right. . .on my bed! My supplies lined the wall next to my bed and an armoire a foot from my bed. It wasn't the best of circumstances, but it was the only space I had. I spent a lot of time organizing and reorganizing, but I do believe that helped me know what I had and where it was located! Even in my beautiful new space, I spend a lot of time organizing my stuff. Spending lots of time searching for supplies when you are "in the groove" really takes time away from scrapbooking! I organize when I am not feeling very creative or my space becomes too cluttered for anything creative to take place! Personally, I love my scrapbooking supplies and organizing them allows me to handle them and remember why I purchased them in the first place! A fun thing to relive!

Enough of that. . .what a nice day it was today! Though I wish for a lot more rain then we have received. . .the mist and clouds were nice for most of the day today!! I started this layout yesterday and finished it during naptime today. . .I really like it!

These pictures were taken during a day this summer. . .before melon season started. . .Collie decided Brady would like to play in an old tent we had. He thought it was a lot of fun to lounge in the tent with his Nanny and Daddy, snacks, and Milk! Visit my website to see a complete list of products used! It sure was fun to make!

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