Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Can I wear my new shirt, Mom?

Brady has been patiently (sort of) waiting to wear his brand new Cat shirt that matches his Daddy's Combine! Well, today was the day! Finally it was cool enough to put him in the long sleeved shirt and he was so proud! We had to also find his Cat hat and John Deere work jeans! He loves to tell us "I'm a Farmer!" Last night he was saying he is a soccer player. . .then he stopped and said, "I'm a Farmer first, then a soccer player!" So funny!!

I hope I don't ever forget the stories behind the photos. . .in years to come all I might remember when I look at these pictures is that Brady took a combine ride with his Dad. There was so much more to this Combine ride and I don't want to forget how he looked forward to the day he could wear his new shirt that matched his Daddy's combine!! This is why I scrapbook. . .so I won't forget the stories and so I can share the stories with Brady and future generations!!

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