Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Back to the Blogging World. . .

So, I ditched the blogging world for awhile. . . it just takes forever to upload pictures!!!! I have a hard enough time updating my website, so I gave up. . .then Darcie started a family website. . . .and I thought that was an excellent idea!!!!! what a great way to keep everyone updated!!! So, what started as a scrapbooking website has now switched its focus to family life. . . hopefully I will update more, but I am not promising anything!!!!!!!!!!

Welcome Ella Rose Steele. . . we are so excited to be able to buy pink!!!

Here is a picture of Brady with his new cousin, Ella Rose. . .she is absolutely precious!!! Collie asked Brady if he wanted to bring Ella home. . .Brady said, no, I want my own!!! Hint hint, Daddy!!!

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Darcie said...

She is adorable, I'm so gald to see a pic of her!!! I like how you have Brady working the cause for you, that story is too funny!!