Friday, January 16, 2009

Big Picture Scrapbooking. . .

I finally did it!! I signed up for a class at Big Picture Scrapbooking!!!! I have waited three years to take this class. . .Library of Memories. . .it is taught by Stacy Julian, of Simple Scrapbooks. In this class, she teaches you a new way to organize your photos, scrapbooks, and a new way to think about Scrapbooking!!! How to organize is something I really need help with!!!! The class is a bit pricey. . . thus why I waited so long to take it!!!!! But, I have heard so many positive reviews of this course!! And I am sooo excited to take it!!

Don't have time for a class right now? Check out her most recent book. . .Photo Freedom. . . in it she gives an overview of what the class is about. . . a good place to start!!!

Happy Scrapping!!

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