Monday, January 12, 2009

Happy 4th Birthday, Eli!

Here are some pics from the Mizzou Birthday Party!!! All the kids said, man that was a good time, when they left the party!!! It is so nice to get together and for the kids to have a good time!!! Brady, obviously didn't want to pose for his picture. . .someone mentioned how cute he looked laying on the floor like that. . . I guess that just embarrassed him. . silly kid!!!

The first picture is of the presents we brought Eli. . .a Kamatsu Excavator (a model to size) and a weedeater. . . .he told Collie he wanted an Excavator like his. . .so good ol Uncle Collie got him one. And at Brady's birthday in October, Eli turned those giant eyes on me and said, " I want a weedeater just like that." So of course, Aunt Meredith HAD to get him one!!! I let Brady stamp the paper with Tiger paws . . .staying with the Tiger theme. . .and I made a cute little tiger card. .. . fun fun!!!! Can't believe the boys are already four. . . .

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