Thursday, January 22, 2009

Ever have trouble packing for a CROP?

So I am preparing for a weekend long. . .Girl's getaway. . . Scrapbooking. I am so excited. . . .but I have spent days trying to pack for this event!!!!! How can it take so long to pack for a weekend. . .and I haven't even packed ONE article of clothing??? This retreat is different from some. . .we will be scrapbooking at the Embassy Suites in the front part of our room and sleeping in the back. SO. . . the amount of stuff I can bring is limited. PLUS. .. I do not want to haul tons of stuff into the hotel!!! One trip would be grand. . . . so my question to you is. . .how do you streamline your packing for such events?????

I organize and reorganize my stuff all of the time . . . .I like to organize. . .what can I say?? AND I think I am finding that when you buy a Scrapbooking Kit and embellishments to go with it. . .it is probably SMART to keep all like items together. At least until you use that kit for its intended purpose. I have been digging through sticker baskets, embellishment drawers, and ribbon jars looking for all said items that match the paper I will be taking with me. . .

I do HIGHLY believe in making Project Packs . . .I have said this before. . . .my ONLY problem with a project pack is that sometimes I pack way too many and then i don't know where my pictures are. SO. . .it probably is smart to not pack to many project packs ahead. . . I know by the time I get to some of the ones I have packed. . .I am ready to pair the pictures with new or different paper I have purchased. . . .GONE are the days of wasting my valuable crop time matching paper and pictures. . . .that is a task that can be done quickly at home.. . . .maybe you don't have time to sit down and scrap. . . .but choosing one set of pictures and picking out paper (especially if it is a Kit) and putting them together only takes minutes!!!!! THen you can spend your Scrapbook time actually Scrapbooking!!!!!!!!!!!!

SO. . .wish me luck trying to fit all of my supplies into ONE Rolling bag. . . .and trying to get it all into the Hotel in ONE trip .. . .I am thinking it just ISN"T going to happen!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am SO looking forward to this FUN girl's weekend. . .it isn't all about the Scrapbooking. . . . .but hanging out with some of my friends at a fun hotel. . .complete with Happy Hour. . . .no laundry, dinners to fix, child to scold, or husband to demand anything. . .. AAAAHHHHHHH if you EVER have the chance to go to a retreat. . . I highly suggest you look into it. . . . don't think about spending the money to Scrapbook. . .we all know you could do so for FREE at home. . . .BUT as a Fun Girl's Weekend away. . .and if you get a few scrapbook pages done in the process. . .well, even better!!!

And if you have any Organization tips or time savers. . .PLEASE send them my way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't like spending hours packing and then still not show up with everything I need!!!!!!!!!

Have a good weekend!!! I will report on the Suite Retreat when I return!!!!!!

Happy Scrapping!

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