Monday, January 26, 2009

SUITE Retreat 2009. . .

What an INCREDIBLY FUN weekend!!!! If you have never been to a Scrapbooking Retreat before. . . .I highly suggest you try one if you ever get the chance!!!!!!!!! We had SO MUCH Fun this past weekend at the Embassy Suites Scrapbooking Retreat. I have heard from several people that they hate to pay that much to Scrapbook when you can scrapbook at home for free. WELL. . .this is more than just a scrapbooking weekend. . . .I was able to get about 20 pages done. . .great for me!!! BUT. . .I also had a GREAT time laughing and connecting with friends old and new!!!!!! We scrapbooked, shared ideas, met new people, and just hung out all day and night without any major interruptions!!!! It was just wonderful and words can't do it justice!!!!!!!!!

There is a retreat coming up in March (that I will be attending also) and this Suite Retreat is set for Jan. 2010. . . so mark your calendars and try and attend one of these fun events!!!!!!!!!

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