Thursday, March 19, 2009

So Sad. . .

It seems I have been reliving this same scenario far too often in the past few months. . another friend. . .a fellow teacher. . .lost her battle with Cancer this week. She was only 28 and had two young children. . .4 and 2. She also had a very rare type of cancer with a very low survival rate. Knowing this. . .I still hoped and prayed she would some how pull through and beat this terrible disease.

This is why I am so involved with my Local Relay for Life chapter. . .this disease makes no sense. . .it doesn't discriminate on who it attacks. . . and I have to feel like I am doing something. . .even a little something. . .to fight against it. Some people don't get why I donate my time to the Relay. . .well it is friends like April, Stephanie, Jennifer, my Grandmother, Aunts, and many other friends and family members who have died way too young and way too tragically. My thoughts and prayers are with April and her young family. . .please keep them in your thoughts and prayers too.

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Stephanie said...

I hate that disease. I will pray for her family. So tragic.