Sunday, May 17, 2009

Get Dirty. . .

The shirt reads "Get Dirty". . .Brady really took this statement to heart! He is wearing a mix of chocolate ice cream and dirt!! And. . . .this shirt was spotless when we started the day. I said, "Oh Brady, your brand new shirt is all dirty. How are we ever going to get it clean?" Brady said, "But Mom, it says Get Dirty on it.. . it isn't supposed to be clean." Good enough for me!!

We had a great time at the Workshop Friday Night. . .a few brave souls ventured out in the horrific storm! Many other smarter scrapbookers, stayed put at home!! We did have an awesome view of the "bottoms" from the Church parking lot. It appeared as if we were looking at a lake instead of farmland, most of the evening. Lucky for us, most of the water has gone down as quickly as it rose!!!

Anyway, thank you to those who did make it out. . . BUT. . .I always say, if the weather is bad and it makes you nervous, then stay at home!!!!! I never want anyone to venture out because they feel like they have too!!!! I certainly do not like to drive in bad weather and I never expect anyone too!!! I didn't have far to go to get to the Church (you can see my house from the parking lot!) though I did have to drive around some high water to get home!!!! So please always remember that it will always be ok if you cancel attending my workshop or anything I am hosting if the weather is bad and you want to stay at home!! I will always understand!!!! There will always be another scrapping opportunity!!!!!

Our next workshop is set for Friday, June 19 at the Camden Church from 4pm-10pm. The featured Kit will be Moon Doggie! The order by date is Friday, June 5!!! Hope to see you there AND I hope the weather cooperates this time!!!!

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