Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Wilderness Retreat Center. . .

Marsha, Jen, and I ventured to Lawson today. . . to visit the Wilderness Retreat Center www.wildernessretreatcenter.com I have been there twice before on retreats with Tam Harper. I knew the place was fabulous. . . BUT I visited with different eyes this time!!!! This place is FABULOUS for a Scrapbooking Retreat!!!!!!!!! We have two lodges booked. . . Spirit and Trinity!! Both have identical layouts in the upstairs, but the basements are a bit different.

Both basements have doors opening to the outside and NO STAIRS!!! You just back your car up to the door and unload your stuff!!!! That means a lot to a scrapbooker!!!!!!

Each room sleeps 5 people. . .one full size bed, three double beds, and one top bunk. We are going to try and not put anyone on the top bunk, unless you really want 5 in your room and you request the top bunk!! This might change if we have a full house!!!!

We are still hammering out a few of the last details. . . .then we can officially release all the information and let the registration begin!!! I can't believe the response we have already had!!! Our list is already VERY FULL!!! The spots are limited. . . .and it is going to be on a first come, first served basis!!!!

SO get your roomies together now. . .each room sleeps 5 (with one on a top bunk)!!! Each bedroom has its own bathroom/shower/ and a double sink in the room!!! The rooms are nice sized. . . the beds are OK. I purchased a very inexpensive foam mattress at Walmart last year. Probably around $7. . . it was one of those egg carton things. It made my bed OH SO comfortable!!!! I am very picky about mattresses. . . so this is saying a lot for me!!!!! I slept like a baby!!!!!

Here are some pictures of our visit!!!

The Spirit Lodge. . .view of upstairs deck from the parking lot. This leads to the kitchen, living area, and to the bedrooms.

Kitchen area. . .

Living area. . .

Double sink area in bedroom

A bedroom in Spirit. . .it looks smaller in the picture than it really is!!

Spirit basement

Spirit basement

a sign to help you find Spirit basement! Too bad the Iris won't be there in January!

The door to Spirit basement. . . just back your car up and unload!

Here is a view of Trinity Lodge from Spirit!

Trinity basement. . . similar set up to Spirit. . .a little smaller because of a conference room (behind the left wall). There is a fridge in the basement to house drinks or snacks!!


Christina said...

That is awesome!!!

Stephanie said...

Wow, it looks so nice, can't wait to get the details!