Monday, June 8, 2009

Scrappers with a Mission. . .

To Crop out Cancer!!!

Our annual Relay for Life Event was held in our Community this past Friday evening and it was a HUGE success!! Even with the declining economy our Relay was able to raise over $37,000!! I am very proud of that amount from our little community!!!

The picture is of our Relay Team, Scrappers with a Mission! This was my first time to participate on a Relay Team and we had a ball!!! We have many ideas for next year. . .I hope everyone wants to participate again!!! Some of the girls on our team missed out on the picture. We had enough sign up for us to officially have 2 teams!!!

I have served on the Relay Committee the past two years. The first year I just helped out with Luminaria. . . this year I was the online chair. I didn't have a lot of success with the online stuff, but I hope to next year!!! (if they ask me back!!) I did help fill out the Luminaria Sacks at the Relay, so I didn't officially get to Relay until about 10pm!!!

The Luminaria Ceremony was absolutely beautiful and very moving. . . if you have never seen one before, you really must! It is something to see. . .all of those Luminaria sacks with Survivors and Memorials to those with Cancer. . .all other lights are out besides the lights from the sacks. Everyone is silent, except for the people speaking. It is really touching and moving.

Anyway, I just wanted to share a little about our Relay!!!

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Stephanie said...

What a neat event for a great cause. Keep me posted on other events, I didn't know about this one.