Friday, June 5, 2009

World's Greatest Scrapbooker. . .

I received this darling little thing from one of my Club Members, Gloria, the other day. Isn't it the cutest thing?? It was really so very nice of her to think of me!!! She found it at a booth at the Mushroom Fest. So. . so. . .so. . .cute!!! And a big thank you for such a nice little gift!!!!!!

Deal-a-Day. . . WOW. . .I missed checking this one out yesterday. . . but got on first thing this morning to see what the deal was. It was a GOODIE BOX!! I was waiting for one of these and now it is SOLD OUT!!! Oh well. . .I guess that saved me from myself. It was $60 with $120 worth of Surprise product packed inside!!!! The surprise doesn't worry me, because I know I pretty much like everything CTMH has to offer!! Each goodie box had a little different stuff inside. . . it contained current items, as well as soon to be retired items. They will be offering goodie boxes 5 more times this month, so check back often so you don't miss out on yours!!!!!

Today's deal will be posted at 10am!!

Also, the new CTMH TV episode I thought was supposed to be posted on Tuesday. . .won't be posted until NEXT Tuesday. . . I am not sure how I got so mixed up!!!!!!

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