Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Omaha Zoo

We just returned from a wonderful weekend in Omaha. Just the three of us! We watched the new Ice Age movie and then some spectacular fireworks on Saturday night. We had a lot of fun at the Zoo on Sunday and we watched a really neat 3-D Imax called Wild Safari. Perfect for Brady. . . nothing jumping out at you. Very calm and tame!!!!! Then on Monday we headed home through Iowa and made a stop at a friend's restaurant, Toot Toot, in Bethany. I think Brady was getting a bit bored with us!!! He was ready to get home and play with his toys!! It was certainly nice to have a little vacation before all the craziness of cantaloupe and watermelon season that soon will be beginning!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh. . . and our favorite thing at the zoo this time was the new Skyfari!!!! It is like a ski lift that takes you over the park from one side to the other. . . which was very nice, because it saved us some steps!!!

Here is Brady enjoying some chocolate milk by the Sea Lion's pool. He drank the whole thing by himself very quickly! I think the kid could survive on milk alone, if we would let him!!!

Brady and I in the Aquarium. . .or under it!!! We took a similar picture two years ago when we went to the zoo. . . my how Brady has grown!!!!!

Harrah's fireworks from our hotel room. . .

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Stephanie said...

Everyone is going to that zoo! My sister was just there last week and two other friends as well! Maybe we need to go!