Wednesday, August 12, 2009

the last days of summer. . .

I can't believe school starts on Monday here. . . where did the summer go? While Brady is only starting Pre-school this year. . . it still seems like summer is just about over! Though I have lots of cantaloupe and watermelon in the patch to remind me that summer's work isn't done! I am always sad to see summer go, but I also LOVE back-to-school time!!! I loved it as a student and as a teacher!

We went to my Parent's house last night for a little splashing in the pool and some yummy dinner!! Can't beat that!! Here is a picture of our cousin Tucker jumping into the pool. He is NOT afraid of the water and had quite a few tricks up his sleeve! Tucker jumped from the top step. . . Brady jumped from the step that was waist high. . . not much of a jump, but I don't blame him!!

Then the kids played in the yard as we waited for dinner to finish cooking. . . .how cute is she? Little Ms Ella loved getting on the tractor. . . she thought she was pretty cute and we couldn't agree more! Though the boys weren't too happy with having to share their John Deeres. . .

And they finally convinced her to switch her mode of transportation. . .she can travel on this one a little bit better and we still think she is just a cute!


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