Friday, August 14, 2009

Looking fore Camera Lens Recommendations. . .

I have a Canon Rebel and I am looking for a new lens. Simple enough?? No, I think not!!!! There are so many choices. . . .and of course I want to choose the most perfect lens. . .great for any situation. Plus, I don't want to break the bank!!!! I have read enough about lenses to know that the perfect lenses does not exist!!!! There is a little give and take with each one.

I love taking pictures, but I am still just an novice. . . .trying to learn some more so my pictures can improve.

SO. . . I pose this question.. . . those of you Canon DSLR users. . . what lenses do you recommend??? I currently have the lens that came with my camera (which I never use) and the 75-300mm zoom lens (which I use all of the time and is not the most convenient.)

Please. . . .let me know what you think!!!!!!!

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