Friday, August 21, 2009

My little gardener. . .

Brady decided he wanted to plant all sorts of things this spring. One of those things were sunflowers! We bought a pack of seeds at WM. When we were working in the yard, I opened them up for him and he went to town! He would dig a spot and plant the seeds! It has been fun watching where exactly those sunflowers would come up!! These are the giant sunflowers and some of them didn't fair so well in the strong winds we have had. These two look a little rough, but they sure are a bright spot in our garden!!!

Brady loves to hoe and weed ! Until he gets tired, of course. On this day, he went into the garage and got a hoe. Then he preceeded to hoe my flower garden!!! We have been so busy with the produce this summer, that there are weeds everywhere!!!!!!! I guess he can't stand it!!! Here he is beckoning me to come and see all of the work he had done!!! Below, he is hard at work!!! Wish these blooms would last all winter, but I am super glad the weeds don't last!

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