Friday, August 21, 2009

The Scraps. . .

This is what I organize my Cardstock Scraps in. I love this cart!! Each of the containers are a bit bigger than 12x12, so my big scraps fit in here too!! I have them organized by the rainbow. . .or Roy G Biv. My top drawer is for white and off-white. My second drawer holds other basic colors like blacks, browns, and tans. Then I have a Red/yellow/orange drawer, a green drawer. a blue drawer, and a pink/purple drawer.

Here is a drawer pulled out. . .

I love this system, because my scraps don't get all bent up. It is relatively easy to find the color I am looking for. And I am saving cardstock! If I need a small piece of a certain color . . .then I just search through the appropriate bin instead of cutting up a large piece!!!!

And lastly, here is Brady on his very first day of Pre-school. It was raining cats and dogs outside, but it luckily slowed down a bit and allowed us to make it to school on time! I will have more pictures posted on my other blog

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