Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Organization has begun. . .

As I warned several days ago. . . I was itching to do some cleaning/organizing around my Scrap Shack Studio and my house. Well yesterday was THE DAY! It rained all most the entire day. . .I awoke around 5:30 to the thunder. . . I ran to unplug my computer (I am always scared that my much beloved computer is going to be struck by lightening!). . .anyway. . .no one else was up and I was wide awake, so I made me some coffee and dove right in! It helped that I left the computer unplugged for most of the day AND that my internet didn't work until late in the evening! This saved me from distractions!!

Brady did have his very first day of Pre-school. . .so I had to break to take him and pick him up. He absolutely loved it and I am so excited for him!!!!

Anyway, back to the organizing. . . .so the first picture I am going to share is of some of my Close to My Heart embellishments. I do have the My Accents Organizer too. . . but it is full and most of these embellishments won't fit. They are too big or I have too many of them to fit in a container. I had this little organizer already, so I decided to use what i own. I love having everything here in one place that I can just grab and look through. The only down side to this and upside to the Accents organizer. . . is that they sometimes mix together. The bottom of each section isn't completely sealed off, so some of the little doodads do escape!!!! But, it was fun. . . I like organizing my stuff as much as I like using it and shopping for it. I tell my hubby that this is a three parts hobby. . . Actually doing it, buying it, and organizing it!!!!!

But seriously. . . .I do like to organize my stuff every once in awhile. It helps me remember exactly what I have. . . It helps me use what I have. . . I am also able to purge some of the older items that I know I won't use. . .

I will be posting different organizing pictures over the next few weeks. . .with pictures of my space and the scrap shack included. If you have trouble locating the posts or just want to see them all in one spot. . .just scroll down to my labels and click on Organization or Scrap Shack Studio (or something similar)

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Lori said...

How exciting. I love getting organized for the same reasons. It's almost like Christmas when you find things that you forgot you had. Have fun. Can't wait to see more pictures.