Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The largest pumpkin in Missouri. . .

was grown by my Mother-in-law and weighed 1,012 pounds!!! Here it is loaded on the truck. . .ready to head for Republic, MO.

She still holds the record for the largest pumpkin ever grown in Missouri. . . she set that last year at 1,244 pounds. No new records this year. . .but hey, you can't set a record every year!!! And even though she grew the largest pumpkin in Missouri this year. . .she still didn't win the weigh off this year. She placed 2nd behind a guy from Illinois. His pumpkin weighed in around 1,060 pounds. . . a pretty close race!!!!!

My Mother-in-law was very excited to have grown a pumpkin over 1.000 pounds. . . that is a definite feat for sure!!!!! She also tied for 2nd in the long gourd catagory and got first in the big gourd catagory. Her long gourd was 105 inches. . . but I don't have any idea what her big gourd weighed!!!!

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