Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The largest Pumpkin in Missouri. . .

was grown by my Mother-in-law Nancy!!!! It weighed in at 1012 pounds. . . but only received 2nd place at the Pumpkin weigh off in Republic MO last weekend! A guy from the Chicago area brought in a pumpkin that weighed 1060 pounds, so he received 1st place!!! Though Nancy can still lay claim to the largest pumpkin in Missouri. . . AND she still has the record for the largest pumpkin ever grown in Missouri. . . 1244 pounds. . . which she set last year!! Hey, you can't have a recored EVERY year!!! She was very excited to have her pumpkin reach the 1000 pound mark. . . that is a definite feat!!!

I am working on our club project for this Sunday's class!! I was hoping to have it done, so I could post it by now. . . but no such luck!!! Giant and normal sized pumpkins have gotten in the way!!!!

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