Saturday, December 19, 2009

Bonus Rewards Chart

Bonus Rewards Chart

Click on the link above to get your very own copy of the Bonus Rewards Chart!!!! Now you can track your own points!

This will help me out so much!!!!

I. . . .sometimes. . . .can be quite forgetful.

It would be SO nice if you were able to let me know how many points you have!!!

I will still keep track. . . .BUT now we can compare notes if we have too!!!!

Just click on the link and then print the chart. You can also find more information on Bonus Rewards by clicking on the link under documents and flyers on the right side!!!!!

Remember, Club orders do not count in this system. Or at least the first $30 does not count. If you order anything above $30 or place any additional orders during the month, well then that does count!!!!!