Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Our Holiday.

We had a wonderful Holiday and I hope you did too!!!!
The flu did run its course through our household, so we didn't get to enjoy it as much as we would have. None of us felt like eating much through the entire holiday, which probably saved us a few calories, but sure is disappointing with all of the wonderful food!!! Oh well. . . just helps us with our New Year's Resolutions more. . .

I have posted some pictures from each of the events we have had throughout the Holiday. . .

and most of these pictures were taken with my brand new camera!!!!!!!!! Collie ran over to my in laws house the evening of the 23rd and brought my present back from them. We were going to make rolls the next day and he said she thought I should have it, since I was going to make rolls. I couldn't for the life of me think what I would need to make rolls. Then I saw the box and I knew that it wasn't for roll making!!!! I was guessing either a camera or a lens!!!!!

She decided to give it to me, so I would have it for Christmas and because I had gone to the city the day before with the intention of buying it, if I had time. Well, it turns out I didn't have time. . . .which is a good thing!!!! I am so excited!!!! I love it so much!!!! I really am humbled a bit that they bought me such a nice gift!!!!

It is the Canon 7D. . . and I am still learning how to use it, so forgive me if my pictures aren't the best. There are A LOT of buttons, so it will definitely take me a while to get it all figured out!!!!

Well. . .on to the pictures. . .
Brady sprinkling reindeer food on Christmas Eve. . . he made it at Preschool and he thought it was pretty fun!!! Hard to tell if Santa's Reindeer ate any, because the snow covered it up by the next morning!!!

Brady posing in front of my in laws tree and presents on Christmas Day. . .basically all of the packages were for him, which he thought was pretty cool!!!!

I took this picture through the kitchen window. . . I didn't want to go outside, scare the birds, wait for them to return, to take their picture! It was too cold for that!!!!!! My in laws have red birds. . . and really all kinds of birds. . .all over their yard. They have a couple of feeders set up in back of the house and they were busy all day! The Cardinals would sit in the evergreen trees waiting close to the feeders. . . at one time we counted nine cardinals in one tree. . . they looked like little Christmas ornaments in the tree. . . it was really very pretty!

Nothing like living in the bottoms. . . .it felt like I think Siberia or the Artic would feel at its worst. . . the wind was howling. . .blowing so hard it took your breath away when you stepped outside. It truly felt like another planet compared to my in laws house who live in town. There is nothing to break the wind and it blew and blew. . . . glad we didn't get more snow!!!! I can't imagine what the snow drifts would have looked like then!!!! Collie had to help the neighbor get home and it took him two hours to get them home. . . . crazy to think of the snow drifting and piling up in such a flat place!!!!

These drifts were chest high when we went to bed the night before. They weren't quite as high this morning, but there were more of them!!

snow drifts in our backyard

Most of the Tracy grandkid Clan. . . Josh lives in Georgia and couldn't maike it back. This is the only shot where at least all of the kids are in it. Eli was in trouble, because he wanted the spot where Brady was sitting. Lauren didn't want to have any part of the picture taking (I remember those days when Brady would scream if we tried to put him in this group picture!!!) and the rest of the kids looking oh so excited!!! We will be adding one more Tracy Grandkid this Spring. . . my cousin Keri is having a boy!!!

Venturing outside to play in the snow and to do some sledding!!! Oh my was it cold!!

Brady playing in the snow. . .getting ready to go sledding. . .

Brady commented that he didn't believe sledding behind a Gator could be that much fun. . . and he was wrong!!! it is fun. . . and forget all of that work of up and down the hill!!!!! Though, that kind of sledding is a lot of fun too!!! This was his first time sledding behind a Gator and he loved it!

Brady's cousin (my nephew) Eli, joined in on the sledding fun. . . .

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Woohooo!!!! What a camera! Great pics!