Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring Break

We spent our Spring Break in Branson, MO. . . a long way from the Cruise/Florida vacation we had talked about earlier.  The weather was beautiful Thursday and Friday. . . but Saturday and Sunday were cold and rainy. . . with a little bit of sleet and ice thrown in!  Somehow, Branson escaped all of the snow that fell all around us.  Just a few miles to the south and west they received 13 inches of snow!!!  Here are a few pictures of the kids getting ready to head to the water park on Saturday.  

The boys had their goggles on, so Miss Ella believed she had to have goggles too.  They had a grand time in the water park. . .though  it was very busy and cold getting there and especially leaving!  We stayed at the Grand Country in on 76 and it did have a lot of things to do.  But the rooms were small and very spread out.  Not great when the weather is so ugly.  So when we decided to stay Sunday night, because of the weather . . .we decided to change to a different hotel.  The rooms weren't any bigger, but they had refrigerators and were much nicer.  Plus, the pool and hot tub areas were very nice and warm!!!  And they had a free breakfast included. . . . something the other hotel did not have!   

So, we enjoyed our long weekend. . . so glad we decided to not brave the weather on Sunday and stayed an extra day. . . but SO glad to be home!!!!!   

Now. . . planning our scrapbook weekend for this coming weekend!!!  At the Richmond United Christian Presbyterian Church. . . Friday night and all Day Saturday!!!  Be sure and contact me if you are interested in attending!!  Everyone is welcome!


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LOVE the goggles Ella!!! :)

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