Thursday, August 19, 2010

The 1st Day.

Getting on the Bus.  The Driver seemed really sweet!  
Too bad Brady didn't get OFF of the bus at the School.  
Instead he rode the circuit to all of the Schools and the Driver had to bring him back.
He was in tears when I met him at the door of the school. 
I am not sure if it made it better or worse for me to be there.
But I am glad I was.
He insisted on riding the bus.
Eli (his cousin) was riding the bus and so was he!

The Bus pulling out.
This is about when my stomach started hurting.

Brady had it together.
Sitting at his desk.
Ready for the day to start!
Yes, I was one of those Moms, camera in hand, at the school.
I didn't stay long, but I had to have a picture of him at his seat!

The bus coming home.
This is when my stomach stopped hurting.
I think I stood in my yard for an hour waiting for that bus to come around the corner!
Nice weeds, huh?

He was very happy with the bus ride home!
His buddy, Lucas, is on his bus!
And there aren't as many stops!

Getting a little fed up with all of the questions.
Sorry, buddy.  

Besides the bus incident in the morning, his day went really well.
No tears for me.  But my stomach hurt all day.
Especially after the bus incident.
And they have to shuttle to a different school, then get on their bus to come home in the afternoon.

When Brady got off the bus. . .he walked right past us and into the house.

He said it was fun. . .but still no comment on the morning bus ride, other than he didn't like it.

And he said he wishes school was only one day.  And then it was over.
Sorry buddy. . .you've got a lot of days to go!!!!


Anonymous said...

When did Brady grow up so much????????

Lori said...

What a difficult day that must have been for you. Once he was in class, he was probably fine while you were home upset. I love the pictures that you have of his first day. Hang in there mom, he will do just fine.

Carina said...

What a big boy! Sorry he had to have a rough start to his day with the bus! I know it is always harder on mom then it is the kiddos! He will do great! I am so proud of you Brady! :)

Meredith Burgess said...

Thanks everyone! He did do great! He loves school! And I am getting better! It is just hard when you realize your baby is growing up!!!